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The Most Common Thought When Hiring an Organizer

From an 8,000 square foot home to an 800 square foot apartment, I’m almost always greeted with something similar: “Is this the worst you’ve seen?”, “I should have cleaned up…”, “I’m so disorganized” or the worst “I’m sorry”.

Let me tell you, most people have trepidation bringing a stranger or an acquaintance into their home for the first time, even me. The fear of judgement is REAL! Yes, I intentionally put that in bold. We intrinsically want to be liked, accepted, and seen. There’s nothing wrong with that!

When people hire a professional organizer, they have reached a point in which they need and/or want help. This take a lot of courage and I always do my best to acknowledge this. I want my clients to feel seen and heard, without judgement.

When I tell you that I’ve seen it all (joking, of course) but I’ve seen a lot and you know what? I was able to make it better! Not only am I bound by NAPO’s Code of Ethics, I am here to help. I take this very seriously and I try to make sure that my clients know that their confidentiality and comfort are first and foremost in my mind.

I will respect your time, your budget, your needs, and YOU. If fear of judgement has been holding you back and you feel like this is the time you’re ready to get organized, I would be honored to assist you. Please don’t let fear hold you back from your wishes, goals, and dreams.

Always sending my best, xoxo

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