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Fall Closet Refresh

As we head into October, I’m anticipating the upcoming fall season and all that it brings. Although we don’t get much cooler temps in Texas this month, I still like to slightly refresh things for Fall. Below are just a few tips to help you get started…

Because this isn’t a full purge, I don’t take everything out of my closet all at once. I start by going through each item briefly, if I see something that I know I didn’t wear last fall, I take it out and start a pile for (probably) sell or donate.

When I’m preparing for Spring and Summer, I take all of my Fall items from the most visible area in my closet and move them to the back of a bottom rod. Because I’m preparing for Fall, I take all of my Fall clothes off of the rod and place them in a pile on my bed. I remove all items of clothing that are definitely for Spring/Summer, such as linen, and start organizing them on the bottom back of the rod by color. Some items work year-round, such as white button-downs or tops that can be layered later with sweaters; these stay in the prime, visible area of my closet.

Since I’ve already separated items that I may sell or donate, as I place Fall clothing back into the closet, I can assume the remaining items are all keepers. If some items are still on dry cleaning hangers, I’ll change them to a proper hanger. Note: even if you leave clothes on dry cleaning hangers, always remove the plastic as it traps the cleaning chemicals that aren’t good for clothes. If you need a safe, dust-free way to preserve clothes, use a muslin garment bag.

When placing clothing back in my closet, I prefer to take the opportunity to color code items for a more cohesive look; For example, black in the very back, leading to navy, then grey, etc. I keep all categories together, as well - I find it’s just more aesthetically pleasing and easier to know where to locate pieces of clothing quickly.

It’s always best to fold heavy knits and sweaters as they stretch out when hung. If you store them in drawers, these dividers are great: If you prefer to store them in bins, I usually prefer bins that you can clearly see the contents inside but these are too cute, remember to label:

For scarves and other accessories, consider how much space you have for storage. I love these hangers for scarves: Above I mentioned hangers, it definitely looks best for all hangers to be unified and these slim velvet hangers save space as well as keep clothing from falling off. I love and use these:

These are just a few ideas to get started, I hope you find some of them useful! As always, Holman Hope is here to help if you need professional assistance. We will post a fun giveaway this Wednesday so stay tuned…

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